Air Force School Kalaikunda is a co-educational institution. The school was established in 1959. It functions under the aegis of the Indian Air Force Educational & Cultural Society, a non-profit making welfare institution. The Air Officer Commanding Air Force Station, Kalaikunda is the Chairman.  The school has successfully created a healthy, liberal and student friendly environment where  young learners find a balance in their lives. It is a child centric school where the individual needs of each child are felt and satisfied. Each child is very precious and unique here. In this school the teachers believe that a child first deserves the chance to be unconditionally loved and then only he can learn. We have achieved this by a thoughtful differentiation in the classroom situation where our teaching suits and satisfies each child’s individual needs, and thus developing an individualized pattern of teaching for the child that will fit his individual personality. The school possesses a very well balanced schedule of non-academic activities along with the academic curriculum. In the school, all teachers strongly believe in bringing out the soft skills and talents of the young lives rather than pressurizing them with only academic burden, thus ensuring the holistic development of each and every student.

The school academic year is from April-March

  1. A comprehensive and continuous evaluation system is followed for LKG and UKG.
  2. Class I and II will have periodic test. Minimum 5 cycles have been planned.

The evaluation of students is based on worksheets, projects, home assignments, writing skills, periodic tests and term end exams and over all calibres of the student.

Pre- primary section: 0800 hrs to 1245hrs (Monday to Friday)

Primary Section: 0800 hrs to 0210hrs (Monday to Friday)











Colour of the month is observed at the end of each month. The kids are asked to dress up in a particular colour. The motto is to make them aware of that particular colour and get related to nature.