Air Commodore Sagar M Paranjpe

AOC 5 Wing AFS Kalaikunda

I am glad to learn that AF School Kalaikunda is launching it’s new website. On this occasion, I congratulate Executive Director, Principal, staff and the students of AF School Kalaikunda for their hard work and dedication in to bring out this piece of creativity and innovation together. Education is incomplete, if it does not equip one to think freely and creatively. Students are vulnerable and impressionable in their formative years. It is the duty of the teachers and educators to mould them in a way that they are in a position to take on challenges of the world. In the ever changing and dynamic scenario, the teacher too needs to adapt and equip themselves with methodologies so as to instil and form the future of Indian mindset on a strong foundation of moral values.

Education can bring a radical change in society and this is the ultimate aim of Air Force School Kalaikunda, to enable each student to think, imagine and create something of his own to showcase his potential in the society. Through the right kind of education, we are committed to equip our students to face the realities of life and to work hard to prove their hidden potential.

In this regard, we strive to provide the highest moral, social, intellectual and aesthetic values under the tutelage of expert and experienced teachers, I must not forget to laud the efforts of the Station Administration, School Management, teachers, students and parents in this venture.

I take this opportunity to convey my appreciation for the contributions and efforts put in by the Executive Director, Principal and Staff & Students for hoisting the School Website.